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GAME ON U will deposit $10 in tickets into your account  when you register and open a secure account and qualify as a VIP. It takes onlt $ 5.95 to open your secure account , GAME ON U will then deposit $ 10 into your account giving you a total of $15 tickets to play. [Please see qualifying for VIP below.]  

  By clicking on the GAME ON U logo to the left or the blue login below you will access the LET'S PLAY page at GAME ON U , here you will click on the banner that will display the complete  selection of the games available. To qualify for  $10 in free tickets], select your game and create your account as a new user, you can sign up for free and play for free but you must upgrade to VIP by opening a secure account for GAME ON U  to deposit $ 10 into your secure account

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   PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in Tournaments, you need to feel very comfortable with our Site and our games. In fact, it is an absolute requirement for players to play at least 3 FREE games on our site, prior to participating in our Money-based Tournaments. Once you have registered you must open a secured account to  qualify as a VIP IT TAKES ONLY $  5.95 TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT at which point GAME ON U will deposit $10 in tickets into your account. 

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