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GAME ON U will deposit $10 in tickets into your account  when you register as a VIP {only}  when you register and qualify as a vip, you purchase $10 in tickets and GAME ON U will match your $10 giving you a total of $20 tickets to play. [Please see qualifying for VIP below.]  

  By clicking on the GAME ON U logo to the left or the blue login below you will access the registration page at Game Colony, here you will fill in the information required to complete your registration, when you get to the line that ask for your recommender please enter [ GMAN695]  to qualify for [Up to $10 in free tickets], below is a sample of the registration page at our parent company Game Colony. please refer to the sample or contact us at  gman695@gameonu.com  if there are any questions about completing the registration.

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   PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in Tournaments, you need to feel very comfortable with our Site and our games. In fact, it is an absolute requirement for players to play at least 3 FREE games on our site, prior to participating in our Money-based Tournaments. Once you have registered you must open a secured account to  qualify as a VIP IT TAKES ONLY $  5.95 TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT at which point GAME ON U will deposit $10 in tickets into your account. 

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